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The rental property tax in Uganda and how it affects landlords

What is rental income? According to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), rental income is defined as the total amount of rent derived by a person for the year of income from the lease of immovable property in Uganda with the deduction of any expenditures and losses incurred in respect of the property. URA describes immovable […]


The cheapest way to send money to Uganda from the UK, US and Canada

Send money from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada to Africa instantly. No fee transfers and the rates are better than World Remit, MoneyGram and Western Union.


Latest android mobile phones alternatives compared

Like Apple, OnePlus had to remove the home button and fingerprint sensor from the OnePlus 5T’s front side in order to enlarge the display. Unlike Apple, OnePlus decided to keep the fingerprint scanner, which is now on the back of the phone. The OnePlus 5T can also be unlocked with a new Face Unlock feature, […]

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